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André Denis Re-elected Francophone School Board Chair

Regina, Wednesday June 24, 2015 - André Denis and Denis Marchildon were re-elected respectively Chair and Vice Chair of the Conseil Scolaire Fransaskois (CSF) Francophone school board of trustees by acclamation today. The election occured during the CSF's annual organizational meeting, which precedes the last regular Board meeting of the school year.

Fellow Trustee and re-elected Vice Chair Denis Marchildon was keen to stress the leadership André Denis has shown during his last term as President : "André has demonstrated his ability to act as a unifying force, particularly during relationship-building efforts over the last year between the CSF and the Province."

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Francophone School Board Director of Education to Stay On

Regina, Friday May 8, 2015 - Saskatchewan's Francophone school board trustees have extended Donald Michaud's mandate for an additional year as head of Conseil des Écoles Fransaskoises (CÉF), Chair André Denis announced today.

The Board had been recruiting for a new Director of Education in recent months, but felt circumstances required that Director of Education Donald Michaud continue his work for an additional year, Board Chair André Denis explained :

"As the recruitment process unfolded, the Board came to the realization that not all winning conditions were yet in place to ensure the success of a smooth transition to a new Director of Education appointee who would have to hit the ground running in the midst of a financial and operational recovery exercice that is not yet completed," Denis said.

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Francophone school board mourns the sudden passing of one its students

St-Isidore-de-Bellevue, March 4, 2015 - The Conseil scolaire Fransaskoises (CÉF) - in particular the school community of École St-Isidore in Bellevue - is mourning the death of one of its students earlier today, as reported in the media. Students, parents and staff at the school and in our Francophone schools across Saskatchewan are shaken by what is evidently a tremendous loss in a typical rural Saskatchewan community, where everyone helps each other in times of need.

"That is precisely how the response to today's tragedy unfolded. The school board immediately dispatched a team of counsellors from the CÉF's Student Services to the school, to assist in supporting students and staff. These individuals will continue to provide support the school community as long as they are needed. Parents may contact the school for further information or to request assistance."

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Francophone schools earn financial support from Saskatchewan Arts Board

Regina, January 16, 2015 - Three Fransaskois schools recently learned they are among the latest recipients of grants from the Saskatchewan Arts Board (SAB). Three of the five projects selected for financial support by the ArtsSmart Saskatchewan program the SAB runs are Francophone school initiatives. Evidently pleased with the outcome, Acting Director of Education at the Conseil des écoles fransaskoises, Donald Michaud, suggests the cultural and community realms at the heart of the educational mission of Francophone schools in Saskatchewan gave them an edge:

"This important recognition demonstrates the level of commitment from school staff with community stakeholders, engaged in a common quest for beneficial multidisciplinary approaches to learning that generate lasting interest in a broader range of areas that include the Arts," he noted. The ArtsSmart program does aim to increase student engagement through artistic endeavours.

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CSF Board Implementing Provincial Auditor's Financial Management and Governance Recommendations

Regina, Wednesday December 3, 2014 - Conseil scolaire fransaskois (CSF) -- Saskatchewan's Francophone School Board -- welcomes and is already implementing recommendations made by Provincial Auditor Judy Ferguson in her report tabled today. Over a year ago, CSF began a lenghty recovery process, requiring the implementation of improved financial management and governance practices. These practices are in line with the recommendations made by the Province's Auditor, says CSF Board Chair, André Denis :

"The provincial audit and collaboration with the Ministry of Education that ensued, have helped the CSF guide the Conseil des Écoles Fransaskoises" (CÉF) efforts to that end. The audit was useful. On behalf of the CSF, I wish to thank the Provincial Auditor Ms. Ferguson and her team for their approach, adapted to the French-speaking environment in which the CÉF conducts its day-to-day operations. Their patience, especially during the hectic September-October back-to-school period, were matched only by the collaboration and commitment of CÉF staff in supporting the Auditor and CÉF team needs."

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The CÉF and Francophone Weekly l’Eau Vive team up to support efforts of local boards of trustees

Regina, Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014 - The Conseil des Écoles Fransaskoises (CÉF) and the Coopérative des publications fransaskoises (CPF) are launching a campaign to help finance school projects by selling subscriptions to Saskatchewan Francophone weekly l'Eau Vive. Starting today, participating local boards will receive ten (10) dollars for every sale of one-year subscription to the Fransaskois paper made under the program.

"This new partnership is a resolutely Fransaskois solution to the challenge of financing the projects put forward by local school councils," says the Acting Director of Education, Donald Michaud. "We consulted the local boards to gauge the support an initiative like this would receive from school communities, and have offered it to all our local Boards of Trustees. Several of them are taking advantage of the opportunity."

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