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The Conseil des écoles fransaskoises (CÉF) welcomes immigrant families in its schools since 2005. The Fransaskois appreciate the richness that Francophones from elsewhere in the world bring to the community. The CÉF has implemented strategies to provide support for the integration of newly arrived students, and to foster their academic success in Fransaskois schools.

The CÉF is a member of the Réseau d'immigration Francophone en Saskatchewan (RIF-SK) - the province's Francophone immigration network immigration. The CÉF actively collaborates with local, provincial and national partners to facilitate the adjustment of newcomers to the new Canadian realities associated with education and the school system.

Member organizations of the RIF- SK are:

  • Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise (ACF)
  • Association des juristes d’expression française de la Saskatchewan (AJEFS)
  • Association des parents fransaskois (APF)
  • Collège Mathieu
  • Communauté des africains francophones de la Saskatchewan (CAFS)
  • Conseil de la coopération de la Saskatchewan (CCS)
  • Conseil des écoles fransaskoises (CEF)
  • L’Institut français (IF)
  • Réseau santé en français de la Saskatchewan (RSFS)
  • Regroupement des communautés d’accueil (RCA) : Regina, Saskatoon et Prince Albert