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French Language Preschool & Kindergarten in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, education is mandatory starting at age 6. However, research confirms that each experience a child encounters before age 6 has a direct impact on his or her learning and academic success.

To offer each child the best opportunity to succeed at school and in life, the Conseil des écoles fransaskoises (CÉF) has developed a series of programs and services with the purpose of introducing children to positive and continuing experiences beginning in early childhood.

A Francophone service for 3 year-olds

Early childhood educational centres located in most CÉF schools offer daycare services on-site. These programs support children’s overall development and allow little ones to thrive in a healthy and safe environment in French. Most centres offer also a before- and after- school program for school-aged children.

When viable, a pre-kindergarten program is offered in 4 CÉF schools. These schools include École Notre-Dame-des-Vertus (Zenon Park), École Beau Soleil (Gravelbourg). École Boréale (Ponteix) and École de Bellegarde (Bellegarde).

For more information, please contact the early childhood educational centre or CÉF school in your community.

The following programs are offered at an affordable cost to rightholders. Click here to find out if you qualify!

Pre-Kindergarten program for 4 year-olds

All CÉF schools offer this program, that allows children aged 4 to have a positive experience with school. Through fun activities, children familiarize themselves with their new school environment, socialize with other children and discover the joys of learning through play, and this, all in French.

Why choose the Fransaskois preschool program?

  • To experience and uphold your child's Francophone culture
  • To ensure a solid learning base in French
  • To ensure a smooth transition into French Kindergarten and the Francophone school system
  • What will my child do in preschool?

Play and sing while learning French and building a vocabulary

  • Drama, arts and crafts
  • Begin to experience math, writing and reading skills in a fun way
  • Activities that develop independence and self-esteem
  • Participate in a variety of educational programs
  • Transtion to full-time Kindergarten program


This program is offered full-time five days a week to children aged 5 years. Children are introduced to reading, writing and mathematics.

Despite being an optional program, the majority of parents choose to send their children to Kindergarten to help prepare them for a smooth transition to grade one in a first-language French school.

Por more information on early childhood programs, please contact your local Fransaskois school or dial 1-877-273-6661.