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Association des parents fransaskois

  • APF (Fransaskois parents' association) is a major player in supporting the family and parents. It plays a key role in promoting Fransaskois/Francophone education, early childhood development, health promotion, as well as cultural and language development for Fransaskois families. The APF is also responsible for the CAFÉs -- Centre d'appui à la famille et à l'enfance (family and children supports centres) and publishes twice a year the Parents Fransaskois... Bonjour! bulletin.

Association jeunesse fransaskoise

  • L'AJF brings together Fransaskois youths, working on specific projects that are integrated with educational programming, such as the Fransaskois volleyball Open and the Fransaskois Youth Parliement (Parlement Jeunesse Fransaskois) . To learn more about AJF, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise

  • For over 100 years the Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise speaks on behalf of Saskatchewan’s francophone community. Its role is to defend the aspirations and ensure the development of the Fransaskois community. Discover the French fact in Saskatchewan, access the associative network, jobs opportunities available in French, the Fransaskois perspective on linguistic duality, settling in and living in French in Saskatchewan. ACF supports and collaborates  with the Conseil des écoles fransaskoises on many projects and undertakings.

Collège Mathieu

  • The only technical and vocational Francophone post-secondary educational institution in Saskatchewan,Collège Mathieu offers a range of courses ranging from family literacy to credited early childhood education programs. For more information, please contact the Collège Mathieu.

Communauté des africains francophones de la Saskatchewan

  • The Communauté des Africains Francophones de Saskatchewan Inc. (CAFS) is a community organization, non-profit, apolitical and secular, dedicated to providing support and fostering integration of Francophone Africans, as well as to the promotion of their culture. It is open to all Africans and African francophones, their families, as well as to supporters. Several members of the CÉF staff and parents of children enrolled in schools of the CÉF are active within the organization. The CAFS hosts an annual day of welcome for Saskatchewan newcomers, for which it partners with CÉF.

Conseil culturel fransaskois

  • The Conseil culturel fransaskois (CCF) is the official Fransaskois representative in cultural matters and maintains links with its local, regional and provincial members, as well as other cultural and multicultural organizations. Contact the CCF.

Conseil économique et coopératif de la Saskatchewan

L'Eau Vive

  • La Coopérative des publications fransaskoise publishes l'Eau Vive, a bi-weekly focusing on news and happenings in the Fransaskois community. 

Ici Radio-Canada

  • Radio-Canada is Canada's national public broadcaster. A critical media outlet for Fransaskois community with production facilities in Regina and Saskatoon, Radio-Canada broadcasts offers regional programming in French tailored to a Fransaskois audience on TV, radio and on the web.

Fondation Fransaskoise

  • The Fondation fransaskoise is a registered charity which aims to provide financial assistance programs for Fransaskois from around the province. The Fondation holds an equity fund whose interests are used to fund projects, activities and bursaries for Fransaskois undertaking postsecondary studies. Each year, the Foundation encourages the community to grow this capital funds. Download the form to make a donation to a fund targeting the specific needs in Fransaskois schools, or target the funds of your choice. You can make a donation online.

La Cité universitaire francophone

  • La Cités mission is to meet the university education needs of Saskatchewan’s French-speakers, no matter what their first language. Through its philosophy of community engagement, its experience-focused pedagogical approach, and its strategic directions in the field of research, La Cité is a dynamic centre of exchange and reflection on present-day concerns facing the Francophonie. La Cité also plays an important role in the Fransaskois community’s development and outreach.

La troupe du jour

  • La Troupe du Jour (LTDJ) develops Francophone theater in Saskatchewan and has been working with CÉF for several years. The "Mots d'Ados" has already helped more than 800 CÉF students receive training in creative writing. All were able to discover the pleasure of writing and express their creativity with confidence. 

Réseau santé en français de la Saskatchewan

  • The Réseau Santé en français de la saskatchewan is a provincial network that aims to create an environment where Francophones ask for and receive health services in French, and where institutions and professionals actively offer a continuum of services quality French language health adapted to the needs of the francophone population of Saskatchewan.

Société historique de la Saskatchewan

  • The contribution of the Société historique de la Saskatchewan to Fransaskois educational development is perhaps not celebrated as often as it could be. A non-profit association founded in 1978, the Société aims to study the history of Francophones in Saskatchewan from the conditions that led to the arrival of the first French-speaking elements in the Prairies until today. It undertakes to recover and preserve all information relevant to the enrichment of the historical heritage of Francophones in Saskatchewan.