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10 reasons to come and teach in French at a Saskatchewan Francophone school

  • A competitive salary grid. The salary of a teacher with a bachelor's degree in education starts at $54,440.
  • Attractive working conditions. An attractive benefits package, including drug, supplementary medical, dental and disability insurance coverage, as well as a pension funds plan.
  • A school board that is continuously growing. The CÉF is always looking for competent teachers to meet its needs. Opportunities to obtain a permanent position or a long-term contract upon hiring are numerous.
  • Income and sales taxes are among the lowest in Canada. Despite having experienced unprecedented economic growth, Saskatchewan has maintained a low provincial sales tax of 5%, a low tax rate, low unemployment rate and offers a special tax credit for new graduates with a Canadian degree.
  • Technology within reach. Each teacher is provided a Mac laptop. Integration of technology in the classroom supports student learning.
  • A personalized approach in the classroom. The CÉF promotes pedagogical approaches which place the student at the center of learning.
  • Professional development opportunities. The CÉF is investing the necessary resources to provide professional development opportunities and mentoring that will enable teachers to enrich their practice and access promotions.
  • Increased quality of life. From the highest number of sunshine hours in Canada to reduced traffic, through diversified activities, you will find in Saskatchewan a quiet family lifestyle.
  • The largest Francophone employer in the province. Through working in CÉF schools, you join a team of nearly 350 people who actively contribute to the development and strengthening of French language, culture and identity of francophone students and the francophone community.
  • English comes with the territory. The possibilities to perfect you command of the English language are many when you live in Western Canada.

For more information on job opportunities with the Conseil des Écoles Fransaskoises, visit the Careers section or write an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.