Conseil des écoles fransaskoises

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The CÉF respects the education goals and follows the provincial curriculum as set out by Saskatchewan's Ministry of Education.

  • In Fransaskois schools, all subjects are taught in French, with the exception of English Language Arts.
  • Students are first introduced to English Language Arts in Grade 4, and continue through to Grade 12. The course is the same as the one offered in Saskatchewan's English-language public and separate school systems. The late introduction is to allow a solid base of learning in French and has proven to be an effective way to learn both languages. According to provincial assessments in English Reading administered by the Ministry of Education, Grade 7 CÉF students achieve better results on average than do the province's students as a whole.
  • Certain courses, are lightly modified, with the Ministry of Education's approval, to respect the distinct nature of the Fransaskois schools.
  • Although the CÉF is a public school system, parents can choose to enroll their children in either a general ethics or christian ethics course.
  • Students participate in a wide variety of social and cultural activities to complement their learning.

Your local school principal would be very pleased to answer your questions regarding the first-language French elementary school program.