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I don't speak French. How can I help my child with homework?

Non French-speaking parents sometimes wonder how they can help their children with homework in a French-language school.

Think of it from the point of view of parents who enroll their child in music lessons. In many cases, the parents do not know how to play the instrument, but that does not prevent the child from excelling at the task.

Although most children will only require a quiet space to work and some encouragement, there are also plenty of other things parents can do to help. Even if you don't understand much French, you can still listen to your child read, help with math and English Language Arts homework, and watch movies or listen to music in French to help widen their vocabulary. Ask your child's teacher for more ideas!

Below you will find some additional resources to help your child at home. If you have further questions, your local school can also suggest other ressources to assist you, or help you find a tutor.


Eurêkaeurêka is a FREE service designed to help Grade 1 to 12 students attending first-language French schools with their homework. Students (and their parents) attending French-language schools in Saskatchewan can use the homework service. 

Students (and their parents) attending French-language schools in Saskatchewan can use the homework service. Students and parents who have questions about homework can now obtain answers from teachers by telephone, over the Internet, or via e-mail!

In chat mode, a teacher uses an electronic blackboard to help students reason and work through problems themselves.

E-mail your questions at any time. From Monday to Thursday, a teacher will answer you within 24 hours of your question being received.

Eurêka is offered free of charge, by telephone and over the Internet, starting the third week of September until the second Thursday in June. Be sure to use it!

Call: 1 855 338-6477, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text at: 1 613 699-8180 (Online Word and Phrase Dictionary)

Why have homework?

Homework has a positive influence on academic performance, provided that students know:

  • Why they have to do the requested work (meaning of learning).
  • What they have to do exactly (nature of tasks).
  • How they must go about successfully completing the activities (strategies and processes useful for performing tasks).
  • When they must seriously get down to work (daily schedule and routine).
  • When they have to complete the work and hand-in the final result of their efforts (daily, weekly or monthly deadlines).