Conseil des écoles fransaskoises

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First and foremost, the CÉF respects the education goals and follows the provincial curriculum as set out by Saskatchewan's Ministry of Education.

What's different about CÉF secondary schools?

  • In Fransaskois schools, all subjects are taught in French, with the exception of English Language Arts.
  • 100% Francophone school environment. Remember that a first-language French education means a higher, more sustainable level of bilingualism.
  • A personal approach, centered on the student's well-being and academic success.
  • Students are first introduced to English Language Arts in Grade 4, and continue taking this course through to Grade 12. The course is the same as the one offered in Saskatchewan's English-language public and separate school systems.
  • Certain courses are lightly modified, with the Ministry of Education's approval, to respect the distinct nature of the Fransaskois schools.
  • Although the CÉF is a public school system, parents can choose to enroll their children in either a general ethics or christian ethics course.
  • A wide variety of social and cultural activities to complement their learning and to develop a sense of belonging to the school and the community. On top of this, educational and sociocultural activities such as CÉFOU (which gathers all the Francophone high school students in the province in one place for two action-packed days) allow students to network and build lasting friendships with their peers from across the province. The CÉF is often referred to as one big family!
  • Sports! All students get a chance to play! CÉF students play competitive sports between Fransaskois schools as well as with the Saskatchewan High School Athletics Association (SHSAA). Even in smaller schools where numbers may not be sufficient to form a team in a particular sport, agreements are often made with nearby teams so that students can still pursue a first-language French education while taking part in the sport of their choice.

What about the core curriculum and course options?

  • Students have the possibility of obtaining up to 36 credit units (CU) upon graduation, for example:
    • LANGUAGES: Fransaskois French (5 CU), English Language Arts (5 CU) and Spanish (3 CU).
    • MATH (7 CU)
    • SCIENCE (7 CU)
  • as well as career education, Pratical and Applied Arts, and many other electives* (Psychology, Journalism, Law, etc.).
  • Practical and Applied Arts (PAA) programs are offered, including: Mechanics, Wood Sculpture, Esthetics, Robotics, Drama, Music, Photography, Culinary Arts, Sewing/Fashion Design, Outdoor Recreation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Financial Management, Information Technology and more*.

*Contact your local school principal for a comprehensive list of the courses offered in your school.