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French Language Acquisition in Preschool

Fransaskois pre-kindergarten harnesses resources that facilitate French language acquisition. The "Paul et Suzanne" program is one such tool which has proved particularly effective in the francization process for families where one of the parents is an English-speaker. Tools like this help early childhood educators and parents overcome some of the challenges in acquiring sufficient French proficiency to be able to funtion in a Francophone learning environment.

The program has two components: the "child" and "parent" sections, which together aim to equip the Anglophone parent, so he or she can accompany their child through school.

French Language Acquisition in the School Environment

Some students newly enrolled in Fransaskois education may simply never have been exposed to French, or have not had the opportunity to develop language skills in French.

To support them in their learning, the CÉF has established an in-house French language acquisition program which will help students acquire quickly the vocabulary and language skills they need to succeed in school. The program adapts to students' needs at every level.

Thanks to this approach, it is not necessary for student to be able to speak French prior to being enrolled in Francophone education schools.