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What's the difference?

In Saskatchewan, the provincial government funds three school systems: the Conseil des écoles fransaskoises (CÉF), and the English public and English Catholic school systems. The CÉF is different as it offers a 100% Francophone learning environment.

French-language schools are more than just a learning environment where French is the language of communication. The schools of the Conseil des écoles fransaskoises are dynamic communities that are proud of the wealth and cultural diversity of their French-language heritage. These schools encourage students to reach their full potential – academically, culturally and socially. It becomes a way of life to use French.

What's the difference between Core French, Immersion French, and Francophone French?

Core French is a course offered by English-language school divisions for individuals who wish to learn basic French skills.

French Immersion is a program offered by English-language school divisions for individuals who wish to learn French as a second language. The administration, all communications to parents and the general daily routine of the school take place in English.

Francophone education is a French-language program offered entirely in French, with the exception of the English Language Arts course offered beginning in Grade 4. In a CÉF school, French is used as a daily learning and communication tool in every facet of life. All correspondence, report cards, parent teacher interviews, committee and meetings of the local board of trustees are in French.

While students live their French culture every day in a Francophone Fransaskois school, they graduate with a high level of bilingualism which will open doors to postsecondary education or a career in the language of their choice. When they obtain their diploma, graduates are well prepared, as responsible, bilingual and accomplished citizens, to follow their dreams in either official langage, or both!

Remember: Students who attend French-language schools demonstrate a much more effective and sustainable bilingualism.

At CÉF schools:

  • All subjects are taught in French, except for English Language Arts classes, from pre-kindergarten to grade 12.
  • The English Language Arts courses are the same as those taught in English schools across the province.
  • The daily routine of the school is in French.
  • The environment we create allows students to live, have fun and learn in French and within the Francophone culture.

Children’s attitudes and values are generally a reflection of the environment surrounding them. That can mean their family members, their friends and other people they encounter at school. At the CÉF, we emphasize the importance of the many facets of French language and culture, and the pleasure that they bring, so that students can appreciate living in a French environment on a daily basis. In the end, students realize that speaking French is a natural thing to do.