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Why send your child to a Fransaskois school?

Funded by the province, French first-language education is offered FREE OF CHARGE to rightholders. Click here to find out if you qualify!

Fransaskois schools provide a learning environment:

  • that is welcoming, healthy and safe, and where there is mutual cooperation, respect and a sense of civic pride,
  • where a personal approach enables children to reach their full potential,
  • that is 100% Francophone and supports the development of the French language and Francophone culture,
  • where the goal is for children to reach a superior level of long-lasting bilingualism, thus giving them an advantage for the future and eventual employment opportunities,
  • that encourages curiosity by developing physical, emotional, social and language skills,
  • that represents the image of Canada, that is, of being open to the world and valuing diversity,
  • that offers sport and socio-cultural programs to enrich the academic experience and enable global development,
  • that helps children understand the world around them and become responsible, engaged and accomplished citizens,
  • that recognizes the importance of the school-family-community relationship in achieving academic success.

There are many other advantages, too!

Did you know…

A 2009 study by Statistics Canada compared the sustainability of bilingualism for students from a variety of immersion programs to that of students from first-language French schools in a minority context. Results from this study showed that:

  • 98 % of students who attended minority schools benefited from sustainable bilingualism, compared to
  • 57 % of students who studied in immersion programs.

Bilingual individuals:

  • find it easier to learn a third or even a fourth language.
  • obtain better scores on intelligence tests and have a greater ability to concentrate.
  • have better skills in literacy and in decoding verbal and non verbal communication.
  • are more open towards other cultures.
  • find it easier to multi-task and move quickly from one task to another.

In Canada, bilingual individuals benefit from a higher employability rate and earn nearly 10% more than their unilingual peers.

For more information on studies concerning the advantages of bilingualism, visit the following websites: