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Official recognition of professional teaching skills

Teacher Certification

In Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB) regulates the certification of qualified teaching staff. The Board is also responsible for:

  • developing policies, qualification criteria and the certification process professional teacher and the early childhood educators sector;
  • evaluating the qualifications of teachers and early childhood educators;
  • issuing vocational education certificates to teachers and early childhood educators;
  • maintaining a provincial register of teachers and accredited early childhood educators;
  • administering teacher certification;
  • and, collaborating with school boards in determining the classification of teachers' salaries.

"According to Section 198 of the Education Act, 1995:  “No person shall be engaged, appointed, employed or retained as a teacher or principal in any school unless that person holds a valid teacher’s certificate.”  A teacher’s certificate “certifies” that its holder has met the requirements, established by the SPTRB, to become a member of the teaching profession in Saskatchewan."

For more information on teacher certification, visit the SPTRB's website: