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Regina, Monday, August 18, 2014 - Today, the Conseil des écoles fransaskoises (CÉF) is revealing its restructuring of its Educational Services. A measure that is necessary in order to better address the challenges resulting from the budget cutbacks announced in June 2014. The result of a review that takes into consideration intervention approaches adapted to the context of an organizational overhaul, the reorganization of Student Services will allow for the encouragement of student success and mentoring by workers in schools.

"At the heart of this measure, the CÉF is looking to encourage collaborative approaches," explains Acting CÉF Director of Education, Donald Michaud. "Firstly, it aims to influence, in a constructive manner, the development of work processes, while mobilizing the teams in the school setting. Secondly, it will allow to better respond to the specific needs of workers and students in the school setting, in order to effectively meet challenges, whether they be related to education or communication with CÉF employees or with parents."

Also, the Educational Services will offer suppport services to respond to literacy and numeracy needs (support, training, mentoring, etc.). At the same time, the Student Services will have a mandate of supporting students with special needs.

Responsibility for the implementation and roll-out of these various services will fall to the new Acting Deputy Director, Dolorèse Nolette. Ms. Nolette will apply her vast experience in managing interventions in the educational setting, notably as Director of the Réseau provincial d'adaptation scolaire where, until recently, she was in charge of a team of counselors whose task was to support the learning teams in Alberta's Francophone schools.

Dolorèse Nolette will be able to count on the support of Éric Dion, Educational Services Coordinator, and of Tom Michaud, Student Services Coordinator. Mr. Dion and Mr. Michaud already work in the CÉF school network and are well aware of the needs of students, as well as the nuances of the changing Fransaskois educational reality.
To learn more about the changes being made to the various services, we invite you to check out the new organizational chart on the CÉF website:

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