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20200826 ronald ajavon cro adjDear Parents and Guardians,

Allow me on this very first day back to school to thank you for your invaluable collaboration during the last several months in supporting your child’s success. I am convinced that the measures put in place in our schools, and the virtual classes offered, will continue to ensure the success of every Fransaskois student.

Whether your children come to school, or access virtual lessons, all will be able to further their learning under the guidance of able staff, committed to CÉF’s educational mission. As any emerging challenge carries seeds of innovation, the remarkable team at Conseil des écoles fransaskoises endeavours to cultivate approaches that focus on needs.

I am inviting you to continue to collaborate with us to ensure your children’s academic success, by informing the school’s team of your needs. Every student can succeed. One of the key elements in students’ success is the partnership between school and parents who are the first agents in the educational success of their children.

CÉF has a triple mandate: academic, identity and community. It aims to create an environment that is conducive to academic excellence, with a view to favouring greater appreciation of diversity in all its forms. Thank you for supporting our teams. Thank you for informing them of the challenges that might arise throughout the year, so that together, we can make this new school year one of the best in our history, while ensuring the success of each Fransaskois student.

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