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20200317 ronald ajavon webMarch 12, 2020

Dear parents and guardians,

Given the recent developments surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to inform you that our teams at CÉF are already taking steps to ensure your children and our employees have access to a safe and healthy learning and work environment. CÉF has implemented an Action Plan in our schools to counter COVID-19 - this Action Plan is available  on the CÉF website.

 We are committed to preventing possible cases of contagion. All our schools have therefore started phase 1 of the Action   Plan: Prevention.

 Here are some of the measures being taken:

  • increased cleaning and disinfection -- several times a day -- of desks, door handles, lockers, etc.;
  • increased cleaning and disinfection of washrooms and lunch tables;
  • cleaning of computer keyboards, mouses, telephones, and educational toys;
  • teaching prevention to students, such as sneezing techniques;
  • promoting the practice of proper handwashing several times a day;
  • requiring visitors admitted into a school to wash their hands upon arrival.

To prevent spread of any COVID-19, we are also implementing the following additional measures:

  • all CEF employees returning from a trip to a country with reported COVID-19 cases will be required to remain in isolation for 14 consecutive days at home, with pay.  Through technology and other accommodations as suitable, these employees will be able to continue working from home.
  • all students returning from a trip to a country with reported COVID-19 cases are recommended to observe a period of isolation of 14 days at home. The school will provide the student with assignments and, in some cases if appropriate, the student may be able to join lessons through technology and other support.

As the situation continues to evolve in CÉF schools, we will keep you informed with timely updates and information. We know that these prevention measures disrupt our daily habits, and we ask for everyone's cooperation in order to protect our children - and the teachers and staff who provide them with educational and support services on a daily basis.

Please be assured that CEF is committed to taking all actions required for the well-being and success of your children.

Ronald Ajavon, Director of Education / CEO

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