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Transportation Services at Saskatchewan's French Language Schools

Policies and eligibility criteria for school transportation in 2016-2017

The Conseil des écoles fransaskoises offers FREE transportation to enrolled students who reside within the local Francophone school region and to students whose families have been assigned to a specific Francophone school region. Depending on where you live, transportation may be provided by school bus, or in a private vehicle through arrangements with a contractor or with the students' parents.

Click here to find out more about the nine school regions. You will find a map of the designated area served by the local school board trustee.

How can I have access to school transportation for my child?

Once your child is enrolled in a Fransaskois school, the principal will ask you to provide some necessary information, such as contact information and address(es) where you would like your child picked up and dropped off. He or she will then contact the transportation services who, in turn, will contact you to confirm the pick-up and drop-off times for your child(ren).

What happens if transportation is suspended due to road conditions or some other emergency ?

As soon as possible, and in collaboration with the school principal, the service provider will contact parents directly by telephone to advise them of any suspension or changes made to the regular route.

Whenever possible, emergency changes will also appear as a red banner on the website of your CÉF school.

Contact your local school principal for more information.